Skilled facilitator, trainer and speaker with a passion to helping people develop soft skills and build their own stories. Facilitator of highly regarded workshops on public speaking, and on other soft-skills like challenging professional relationships, change management and resilience to national level audiences.

Emie can customise her workshops based on the requirements of the business. She loves the interaction with her audience, and draws on their regular feedback to make it more targeted and useful to the attendees.





Cultural Conflicts

An interactive workshop which will appeal to inter-generational migrants, and will broadly cover 

  • Cultural conflicts and the sense of belonging amongst the immigrant generations
  • Process of acculturation amongst the first-generation migrants
  • Second and further generation migrant issues
  • Blending of cultures in Multicultural Australia
  • Exploring the Multicultural Success stories

Public Speaking

Training individuals to speak well in public; which is a most coveted and inevitable skill for everyone, irrespective of their age, career and the realm of life they operate in.

Covers the key points of preparation, delivery and wrap up. Includes resources that help the learners to prepare and deliver. 


Thriving with Change

Participants will brainstorm on the importance of embracing change in their careers and life in general, then Dr John Kotter’s eight steps will be used to reinvent perspective on change. We will discuss the importance of changing oneself as the first step, before supporting and empowering the people around us to accept change. Since individuals in any group may have different responses to change, support strategies will be identified and discussed.