Radio Stories

Emie has experience contributing to non-fictional audio stories and podcasts on radio for almost a decade. A broadcaster of radio programs including features, interviews, panel discussions etc for the national audience.

She thoroughly enjoys researching, writing, producing, sub-editing and presenting content on radio; relevant to the audience in the national level in Australia.

A few of her noted productions are –

A powerful feature covering the challenges faced by a few migrants who arrived in Australia during the pandemic –ranging from the psychological impact on toddlers to the tough life young professionals were in for as Covid impacted the job availability.

A series consisting of 4 episodes on the major cultural challenges faced by the Malayalee migrants in Australia, while integrating into the mainstream Australian society. In the first series, a few random first and second-generation migrants were interviewed to identify the issues and challenges that they consider most important. Religious following, marriage–related conflicts and challenges in relation to general cultural integration were highlighted from the initial interviews, and these were addressed in detail in the next three episodes. Fourteen participants discussed these topics and were broadcasted as features and panel discussions (recorded live).

Some of Emie’s other stories for SBS Radio Your Language:

More stories done for SBS Radio Your Language

Some of Emie’s stories for Sydney Malayalee Radio: